It is served in very light broth therefore you will taste the pure flavour of the vegetables and meat. For dipping sauce you can choose between sesame sauce or ponzu sauce (fresh sour taste).

The word Shabu-shabu is a Japanese word that refers to the sound  being made when moving a slice of beef in a hotpot with broth.


It is served in a sweet broth. The dipsauce we serves is the raw egg, but you can also choose the sesame sauce.

Spicy Vulcano

This super spicy hotpot is for people who really love spicy food. The broth is made with the Naga Jolokia peper (400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce!). It’s EXTREMELY spicy, order at your own risk! The Spicy Vulcano costs  € 2,50 extra per pot.


Coconut taste

Cocos has a sweet, fresh taste and contains Lemongrass.

€ 2,50 – extra per pot.

Miso taste

Miso is made from soyabeans and has a salty taste.

€ 2,50 – extra per pot

Curry taste

Curry is made from various spices

€ 2,50 – extra perpot

Unlimited hotpot lasts max. 2 hours.
You may order again, when the previous order is served.  € 27.50 per person (minimum 2 persons)
Friday, Saturday ,Sunday and holidays € 29.95 pp. Children from 4 till 11 years half
price. Hot deal price is only valid for adult price.
Leftovers will be seen as waste. The leftovers will be extra charged with the following: €5,- for each 100g.